Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joyousbrush Club B1

We had such a sweet time painting tulips together.  We explored how the tulips emerge from the ground as a little fold up leaves.  Then they unfold into bigger leaves, how the leaves bend. And how the flowers grows from the bud to broom.  I showed them how to load their brushes and direct their bamboo brushes to make the shape with holding, directing and pressure. Your precious students are so delightful in following my instruction yet explore their own unique expressive strokes.  

Thank you for the opportunity for me to bring such beautiful experiences to your students. I remember how I was elated when I started this art form several decades ago. I see the same delight in your students.

I will place your students paintings all together in their profolio.  They can leave it with me or if they want to bring it home, they should remember to bring it back the next week.    I have attached my demonstration for your reference.  

We had some soda crackers and flavored drinks for the students who stay behind to paint.  If there is any problem with this snack, please feel free to pack your own.