Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lesson 5 Geranium

We did Geranium this week.  We explore the round leaves and the pot.   Your students are wonderful painting partners.  They really get into it.  Thank you for the privilege and the opportunity for me to share the precious creative time with them.  You may view their work in the hall way.  All the previous paintings taken down from the Hall exhibition goes directly into their propolio.  Your students are free to bring home their profolio anytime.  Just make sure they bring them back so we can continue to add to them.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lesson B3

Dear Creative friends

We did hydrangea last week.   We learned to load our brush shallow for the flowers and deep for the leaves.  I did not video tape our session, so I use the one below for your reference.  


We will continue to work on the leaves this week and talk about composition of cluster of leaves.  Sorry for the late post.  I look forward to both of the Chinese language and brush painting classes tomorrow.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lesson B2

We painted Daffodils this week.  I video taped the demonstration and uploaded on Youtube for your reference: . v=3QWzZImnuJE&feature=plcp&context=C3dea511UDOEgsToPDskJvpjw5oNiHPHT-vKFI0knl Your students' paintings are displayed in the hall way for public viewing.  Attached is the demo painting.

We continue to work on loading of the brush,  the pallet management and the control of the amount of water in the brush for the desired stroke.  We work on straight steady strokes of the daffodil leaves.  the landing and the lifting of the brush and the proper amount of pressure to make the leaves, flower bud and the flower peddles.  We employee the outline option to help with our strokes.  It is an acquired skill and your students are following nicely.

Spending this hour with the girls are just heavenly for me.  The entire hour passed in sweet fellowship and learning.  I can't describe the peace and the serenity we feel when we paint.  Thank you for blessings us with this delightful pursue of beauty.