Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lesson 8

I was so proud of your children today.  They surpassed my expectation and rose to a new height.  

We did a ink painting on regular paper to clarify the form of gold fish.  Then we painted colored goldfish on rice paper.  Yes, we were rushed, but your students were so attentive and engaged every step of the way.  We did a black and white gold fish last week.  Most of them are struggling with both the form and the stroke.  We did them again, I see much improvement all around.  By the way, I realized I still have their black and white gold fish  from last week.  I forgot to give them back.  

Kincaid Foundation will let me know their decision for next year after their meeting in November.  I will keep you posted as soon as I find out what will be offered.   

I have attached a demo painting for your reference.  Please have your students bring their portfolio back on 11/1.  We will have more paintings going in.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

lesson 7 gold fish with ink

We did gold fish on Tuesday at Joyousbrush Club.   In our limited time, the students did their best to follow my instruction.  I can see the returning students have more experience about loading their brush with the appropriate amount of ink.  This is experiential knowledge.  I can't make it clear by instruction.  

We will do gold fish again next week in color.  Hopefully this revisit will bring some degree of comfort to this fast moving introductory class.  Brush Painting takes time to mature. Approach nature with simplicity and document it with elegant brush strokes is my goal.  Your students are following nicely with delight and learning by faith.  Even though I try to develop stand along projects, the understanding and the confidence requires much simmering. 
  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

The students have more paintings displayed on the Hall in school.  They also received their red wallet profolio, which will come home with all the paintings we did at the end of our sessions.  

We have 3 more lessons left.  It's time to think about Joyousbrush Club in January.  I would like to offer flower paintings for so many students who have not had them.  The stoke drills are in the floral paintings.  Chinese language Club is another option for the Spring as well.  I will sent home some kind of survey next week to help me make the decision for Spring proposal to Kincaid Foundation.  

The class demonstration is attached for your reference.

Friday, October 7, 2011

lesson 6 frogs

Dear Creative friends

Last Tuesday we did frogs.  Even though creatures are harder than flowers.  But since there are a handful of returning students who are anxious to try new topics.  So I decided to dive in animals for this session.  This may not be fair for the New Students, since they have not had stroke training with the floral paintings.  In painting creatures, our first emphasis is in visual resemblance instead of stroke drill.  But I trust everything will come together in your student's creative venture if they continue to explore this classic form of painting with delight and courage.  

I regret in an incident when I corrected a student's stroke on her painting.  She was very upset. Later on I realized that if the student did her best and was satisfied with what she did.  I should respect that.  I will be more conscious about student's sensitivity toward their work.  

I did a promotional video with Young Audience in Woodruff Art Center.  You may view the clips from the link below.  


I have attached the class demonstration for your reference.  We will try gold fish next week.