Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lesson 11 Crabs

Dear Creative friends: 

As we wind down this semester.  I want to thank you for signing your students up for Joyousbrush Club.  Each week we explore a sea creature in its shape and form, it's anatomy and their functions.  We paint them with personalized best effort strokes.  

We painted crabs this past week.  I have updated the blogspot for your viewing.   I have send home your students' porfolio.  I hope you enjoy going through them and share them in your Thanksgiving gatherings.  

I am delighted to hear your students say"  It looked really hard, but it's really not after you do it"  What better way to build their confidence through painting.  

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lesson 10 Octopus

No body understands the fun we are having in painting these sea creatures.  I usually give my students some guava candies for encouragement.  No body cared about Guava candies today.  They are totally absorbed in their octopus.  We talk about the long stroke of their legs.  We even sing to help with our long unbroken strokes.  How these legs can create interesting design, perspective and interaction.Do check out their paintings in school hall way.

Lesson 9 Lobsters

Do stop by our gallery in school hall way.  You can see each student's uniqueness in their personal take from the same instruction. Besides learning the autonomy of the lobster,the brush strokes,  we explored layout, background color and under the sea abstract design.  At the end of each lesson, I am so content to see how satisfied your students are. You can read their excitements in their paintings. 

Lesson 8 Crawl fish

I took some crawl fish from a Chinese seafood restaurant and brought it to our Joyousbrush class for sample.  It awaken the students' appetite to look, to marvel, to wonder, to question, and to joke about.  How inquisitive minds learn.  How nature delights.  How satisfying it is to unite the mind and the nature through the exercise of painting.