Friday, April 26, 2013

lesson 12 review and free brush paint

Dear Joyousbrush Club supporters

We have joyously finished our 12 weeks of brush painting fun.  I want to thank you for your support.  The next school year we will work on fish and sea creatures with their habitat.  I will keep you posted after your restful summer.

I hope you enjoy your student's portolio.  We move from one bird to the next.  Each painting is the 1st experience with your student.  If we repeat the subject they will feel much more comfortable,  but to cover the scope and give them a abandoned courage to take on each painting according to my demonstration is to push a breakthrough in their fear of failure and ignite that courage to try new things.   

Ranges of emotion emerged when they paint.  satisfaction amongst disappointment.  Elation amonst trepidation.  But they are actively engaged with themselves and involved in their best effort.  I am totally delighted in walking with them through this growing process.  

Please view to see all that we have covered in these 12 weeks in Joyousbrush Club.  I hope to see your student and may be their friends after summer.

Have a great summer

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