Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lesson 9 Sun flowers

The same leaves can be applied to Sun Flower.  So we take the liberty to paint them in order to obtain more practice for brush stroke sake.

Lesson 8 Hydrangea continued

The students worked hard on their hydrangea paintings since there are many strokes.  Here is a glimpse of our gallery at school, if you have not yet visited, please make time for a short visit.

Lesson 7 Hydrangea in color

This painting is done in color still aiming at leave practice.  The flowers from buds to full broom are demonstrated afterwards to demonstrate how they may grow in relation to the leaves.

Lesson 6 Hydrangea leaves

Hydrangea leaves stroke practice in black and white.
Since the leave structure is so basic in many floral paintings, I take the time to orient the students in obtaining a degree of command of comfort level to always not shy away from leaves and their cluster. 

Lesson 5 Peach blossom

We applied the same techniques of painting the Cherokee roses to peach blossom.  The flowers are smaller and they grow out of the branches.