Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012Fall Lesson 1

I want to thank you for partnering with me to bring the joy of brush painting to the art lovers in Kincaid.  We had a great start yesterday, exploring the very different ways of painting with bamboo brushes on rice paper, discovering the various effects water and ink produces on rice paper. As Chinese proverb stated: Painting is done in cooperation between man and heaven, meaning interaction between what we can control with our hand and mind and what take place in science or coincidence of the ink spots in which we are either delighted or frustrated to encounter.  The running of the ink and water on rice paper according to contact time and brush loading puts everyone in a humble learner's position.  But the amazing effect it produces motivates us to try harder.

I introduced outline representation of cotton ball, stroke practice of daisy, stroke and outlined chrysanthemum, line work, and signature.  We started to compose a painting but have to continue next week.  I have attached my demonstration for your reference.  I will post all of our lessons on for your review.

I look forward to next Tuesday as I treasure our special painting time with this special group of sweet girls.  Thank you for your support.