Saturday, November 19, 2011

I want to thank you for allowing me to share my joy in brush painting with your students.  We ended our year with joy and elation.  The students are so anxious to paint that they can hardly wait until I finish instructing and demonstrating.  This is an active, delight directed learning.  

Your students have learn a lot through our 10 lessons. You may review all that we did in   They have gained an entry to painting, where drawing does not have to be the prerequisite as long as mental clarity can be developed through the process.  The images are formed by following instruction, which becomes the teaching tool for our mental clarity.  This process of learning through imagery manipulation enhance our traditional education of learning from words and sentences.

Being the creator of their work, your students learn to express all that they intended, understood and preferred in a visible way. Some are pleased with their work, some are disappointed, either way it gives them a honest reflection to grow from.  Many will develop a keen appetite to look critically at the objects they are interested to paint.  This will bless them with a lifestyle of observation, which is an active learning process at all times.  

In January I will offer 2 classes, one at 2:30 and 2nd at 3:40pm on 12 Tuesdays.   I will try to develop new curriculum combining flowers and creatures. Registration will be sending your way in December.  Attached please find the class demonstration.  I will love to see your students continue with this art form in the Spring.  

Have wonderful holidays.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lesson 9

We did shrimp today.  Before they started, many thought it was too hard,  but when they followed the instruction step by step , they were surprised to see how attainable it is. I applauded them for following me courageously by faith and grew in confidence.  I realize that their strokes are still raw, but the form and the approach will remain in them with deep impression.  We will focus on stroke development in Spring when we do flowers.   

I have attached 2 paintings for your reference, one in black and white one in color.  Ideally if we spend 2 weeks on shrimps, the student's paintings will reflect the added confidence.  But we decided to move on to rodents for our last class.  

There will be no class next Tuesday 11/8,  I will see you on 11/15 for our last class in 2011. 
Have a great week.