Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lesson 2 and 3

We are having so much fun building upon the basic physical features of the birds.  Last Tuesday we did the color chicks and this week we did the sparrow.  I have attached my demonstration paintings for your reference.  If you see your student's paintings hanging on the hall way in school, you will be surprised at how well they follow the instruction.  The relationship between the beak and the eyes are still fussy in your student's mind, but as we continue with various kinds of birds, they will catch on.  

Next Tuesday we will do swallow.  The similarity and the differences will be emphasized so your student will learn from compare and contrasting these features.

2013 Spring lesson 1

This term we are going to study birds.  We start with an egg, then we place 2 feet on the egg so it is a walking egg. Then we poke their heads out, lastly we add the wing and optional tail.  This is a pencil study and ink outline. 

I enjoyed your students very much, especially when they perk up with interest and applied themselves with their best effort.  The commonality and differences of various birds will be simmered into your student's mind in imagery and understanding over the next 12 weeks.  This will grow your students interest and confidence according to their knowledge.  You may view their paintings on the Hall way at the school. 

Feel free to share your joy and painting with your friends.  If they want to paint with us, they may still catch up before we've gone too far.